The core of Katherine’s approach is to develop a unique and personalised treatment strategy appropriate for that patient. This requires her to understand the patient’s symptoms as well as their medical history, energy levels, moods, lifestyle and diet. Everyone has a different story to tell and this is key to determining their effective treatment.

The mainstay of treatment is the insertion of very fine sterile needles into acupuncture points. This may be supplemented with the use of a gently smouldering herb (moxa or moxibustion) for a warming effect. Katherine also incorporates cupping therapy into selected treatments, which uses suction to promote healing through blood flow.

Patients respond best to treatments administered at suitable time intervals for their condition. Katherine’s goal is to provide successful treatment from a minimal number of visits. A course often starts with weekly visits followed by spacing out the treatments once improvement has been established. Preventative acupuncture also works very well – people with conditions relating to seasonal change will benefit from a single treatment or short course at the start of the season.